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Makeup / No Makeup: Kate Gosselin

March 24, 2010

Editor’s note: Posts by “rceezy” are written from the male perspective. Thought we’d mix things up for BeFlurt by hearing what a guy has to say on beauty/fashion/pop culture!

So, this morning I stumbled across this picture of Kate Gosselin, who looks pretty damn hot in her Dancing With The Stars get up.

(I didn’t watch the show, but apparently her castmates love her despite scoring poorly with the judges)

DTWS - Kate Gosselin
Kate Gosselin – Dancing With The Stars

My first th0ught was “Holy sh*t! She looks amazing.”

Then, being the evil, heartless person I am, I googled “Kate Gosselin with no makeup” and found this:

Kate Gosselin – No Makeup

Ah ha!

I know, I know, its harsh and mean to post something like this about someone.  In fact, some people probably look even worse without make up…especially after having 8 kids.  Just wanted to show how  professional makeup, hair, tanning, waxing, styling and “Hollywood”-izing can make you look like Heather Locklear in 1991.

Heather Locklear circa 1991

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