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“I will CUT you!” | Cat Fight at the Nail Salon!

April 5, 2010

Does anyone remember Bon Qui Qui from way back when? Oh, she was the fiercest girl to work a King Burger!

The brilliant comedian behind Bon Qui Qui was the wonderful Anjelah Johnson, who also shared her wonderful experience at the nail salon…

So what happens when Bon Qui Qui and Beautiful Nail come together in real life? Well, a mild horror story, actually!

According to a recent Boca Raton police report, a woman named Delmilove Delme went to a local nail salon to get her acrylic nails removed. The salon owner quoted $5 to get it done in 20 minutes. Delme, however, said she usually gets it done in five minutes for only $3 at another salon. Then go there, the owner said.

“Don’t have an attitude or I’ll punch you in the face,” Delme allegedly said.

Delme then went into a violent fit, shoving everything off the counter and throwing nail polish bottles, a candle, and a plant at the owner’s head. She now faces charges of aggravated battery, vandalism to a business, and disorderly conduct.

Oh, girl… It’s only funny in videos, not in real life. RUDE!

Read more at BellaSugar:

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